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Guillermo Bosch July17, 2019
bosch2(at)comcast(dot)net My favorite CW general besides General George G. Meade.

Guillermo L. Bosch
Licensed Battlefield Guide #149
Gettysburg National Military Park

Location: Gettysburg, PA from Dave:

You are a great judge of Generals!

71) James Walton April 15, 2019
Hi, I noticed your page for "What If" ideas, and I thought I'd add a few:

1) What if Thomas died after he was wounded by a Comanche in August 1860, thereby denying both sides his services? The wound was quite serious, and could have been fatal had it become infected.

2) Thomas was offered command of the Army of the Ohio during the Kentucky campaign, but turned it down. He cited the ill effects a change in command mid-campaign could cause, and likely Thomas' moral sense and humility kept him from replacing Buell. What if he had accepted? It's difficult to see him doing any worse than Buell, and he could deal Bragg a defeat, rather than stalemate.

3) What if Thomas had been in command of Union forces during the Atlanta Campaign? He would likely have better exploited Snake Creek Gap, dealing Johnston a serious, possibility devastating blow.

In reference to the scenario of Thomas joining the CSA (presumably he doesn't marry Frances Kellogg), while I doubt his leadership would change the outcome of the conflict, it could really alter the war in Virginia.
  from Dave:

Very good questions. Thanks for the input.

70) Webmaster April 27, 2018
info(at)generalthomas(dot)com Today recorded the 222,000th hit on the General Thomas Website!

This is the 20th year of operation for this site.

69) Gil Hansen March 20, 2018 Tuesday
  From the moment I first read of George Henry Thomas, he became my absolute favorite Civil War general. Now the more I read of him, the greater he becomes. He was not only a great general; he was a great man!

I never tire of reading about him, and unlike so many other "heroes", the more I read of him, the more I respect him. I have yet to read one fact regarding his character or career that doesn't impress me further.

Thank you for your informative website!

  From Dave:

Yes, He was not only a great General, but a man of superb character. Thanks for your note.

68) Sheldon Hildebrandt March 11, 2018 Sunday




I just stumbled across your website, and being a Thomas fan, would like to thank you for having put together the website!

I'm in the process of ordering some of the books you recommend and wanted to know if you could recommend books on The Army of The Cumberland to purchase?

For the last ten years I've been reading books about the war in general, and have come to agree with you wholeheartedly on the merit of Thomas.

So now I want to focus on him and read all I can.

Once again, Thanks for the website.

From Dave:


Yes, I started out much the same. As a young man I read all of Bruce Catton’s books. My favorite Generals were US Grant and Robert E. Lee. But after reading Shelby Foote’s trilogy, I realized that the Civil War was won in the Western Theater. I started reading about the best fought western battles and soon discovered General William S. Rosecrans and General George H. Thomas. Gen. Rosecrans did made bad mistakes at Chickamauga, but they were by far the best Generals of the war, and probably between them could have ended the war much sooner. But army politics kept them at the lower levels. General Grant kept promoting his friend General Sherman, not because he was a good general, but because he had such an influential brother in Senator Sherman.

 Gen. Grant certainly has to be given credit for finally winning the war, but his strategy of winning by attrition, rather than using his superior numbers to win by maneuver caused huge Union losses that were unnecessary. I find the Civil War fascinating and keep hoping that the true history of the war will be revealed and that General Thomas be given his due, and perhaps one day a monument in his home State of Virginia alongside of his friend Robert E. Lee? Best regards,


67) David T. Williams January 18, 2018 Thursday
  I was delighted to find your website. I think General George Thomas may have been the best battlefield leader of the Civil War. People forget that the Rock of Chickamauga gave a preview of his heroic qualities at Stones River, where he also saved the army from disaster. Thanks to your site, I just reserved the book Master of War from my library system. I’m glad your doing justice to an undeservedly forgotten hero!
     From Dave: Thanks for your comments. I know you will enjoy the book.
66) E. Ferguson
November 24, 2017 Friday
  My ancestor was supposed to be married to daughter of General Thomas. Do you have marriage records of his family? Marriage was supposedly to Aaron Ferguson.

Thank you

     From Dave: Please see Thomas Genealogy.
65) Spottswood Graves May 27, 2017 Saturday
spottswoodgraves(at)gmail(dot)com I Admire General Thomas for his character, his professionalism, his citizenship.
       From Dave: Thanks for posting.
64) Richard Bentley February 9, 2017


I think the Wikipedia site article needs some attention. For instance, according to Bobrick, Thomas was called "Slow-trot Thomas" by the cadets at West Point not because he was slow, but in the Cavalry drills when the cadets wanted to charge, he would give the order "Slow Trot".

The book by Bobrick (Master of War: The Life of General George H. Tomas) who is an eminent historian and whose books are carefully researched correct a number of inaccuracies deliberately perpetrated by Grant, Sherman, and Schofield in their memoirs.

The real facts are that Thomas never lost a battle, never retreated except when ordered, never was surprised, was always prepared for eventualities, never sacrificed his men unduly, and was in the forefront in the introduction of new technologies and new strategies.

No other civil war general on either side had those combined results.
        From Dave: Great essay. Thanks for posting.
63) C. Koronas
November 26, 2016 Saturday 11:01 AM
ckoronas(at)cox(dot)net General Thomas is one of the Civil Wars forgotten hero's as he never ran for public office, left no memoirs or gave any public speeches.
     From Dave: He died young at age 53 in 1875. I wish he had time to write his Memoirs.
62) James Riopelle November 8, 2016 Tuesday

riopelle.james(at)gmail(dot)com Very grateful to Gen. Thomas. Would like to learn more about his life.
Is there a recommended biography?
     From Dave: My favorite bio is Francis McKinney's, "Education in Violence". See Bibliography page for details. At the West Coast Civil War Roundtable last month, I met Evan C. Jones a young historian who mentioned Gen. Thomas was one of his favorite generals. I bought his  book, "Gateway to the Confederacy, new perspectives on the Chickamauga and Chattanooga Campaigns" which he edited and wrote some of the  essays and it is very well done.
61) Joe Rogers July 11, 2016 10:28 PM
jolomoro3(at)gmail(dot)com Wondering why U.S. Park Service apparently has no event of any kind scheduled for Thomas Cir. in NW Wash D.C. on 7/31/16.

      From Dave: It is a long sad story on how General Thomas, one of the best officers to ever wear the uniform,  has been lost to the American people. I am adding a paper on this site that was first published in 1909 that explains one of the reasons. It has to do with the Southern Historical Society and its infamous 'Lost Cause Theory'.
60) Joe Rogers June 12, 2016 8:57 PM

jolomoro3(at)gmail(dot)com Any observances on July 31, 2016?
      From Dave: Wow, you are so right. It will the General's 200th birthday! I will post a notice. Thanks.
59) Mitchell Katz Monday, January 25, 2016

Thomas was not a great general of the Civil War. He was The great general of the Civil War.
      From Dave: Agreed!
58) Thomas F Hill Monday, September 28, 2015

I admire the character of Thomas and the awesome contributions he made to the Union victory. He was the most impressive of all civil war generals both in leadership and in results.
     From Dave: Thanks for post.
57) Wayne Vislocky Saturday, July 19, 2015 
wvislocky(at)Kossman(dot)com I think Thomas was one of the two best generals on both sides of the civil war. The other being Stonewall Jackson.
      from Dave: Good Choices!
56) Stephen Schmidt Monday, June 1, 2015



I have a question about George Thomas, and I got directed to your website: I am hoping you might have some information that would help me answer the question...

As you doubtless know, Thomas was married to a woman from upstate New York, and he is buried in her family's cemetery plot in Oakwood Cemetery in Troy. His wife had studied at the Emma Willard School in Troy NY, then as now, an all-girls' school. When General Sherman came to Troy for the funeral, he paid a visit to Emma Willard, the original headmistress, who was on her sickbed and would herself die about a week later.

I have run across a history of the school that recounts this visit. It names the individual being buried as "Henry" Thomas rather than George. I would dismiss this as a mistake, but the book has enough other details of Thomas' career and the funeral correct (at least they're correct so far as I know; I know a lot more about his career than I do about the funeral) that I am reluctant to imagine that they could get all that right, and boot the deceased's first name.

The H. in George H. Thomas does indeed stand for Henry. Any chance that Thomas went by his middle name with his wife's family? I have never, ever heard of him being referred to as anything other than George (other than nicknames) but if he used a different first name among his wife's family, then I probably would not know that. And since this book is really interested in him only because of his connection to his wife, perhaps such a name would have sneaked in?

Anyone know of a really good biography of Thomas that might have some details about his relationship with his in-laws?


     from Dave: email sent.
55) Dave Evans Monday, April 27, 2015
dave.evans(at)george-evans(dot)com Can't wait to see what is on your website. This man was a GREAT general. Hopefully you will do him the justice he was denied during his lifetime.
        from Dave: Thanks, I hope you like the website.
54) Lew Thomas Monday, February 16, 2015
lewthomas(at)comcast(dot)net I am a descendent of James Thomas 1811-1895 from Virginia, Do you know if he is related to General Thomas' father, John C. Thomas 1784--1829?

Thank you for your assistance.

       from Dave: Sorry, I do not know.
53) Thomas J. Marlowe Sunday, September 28, 2014
Thomas.Marlowe(at)shu(dot)edu Based on Thomas’ appreciation of strategy, topography, combined forces, logistics, and integration of non-military personnel (medical, telegraph operators, …), what would have happened if Thomas had had a Chief-of-Staff position for the Union armies? I suspect it would have cut a year or more off the length of the war.
      from Dave: Great insight. Thanks for post.
52) John Thomas Tuesday, August 26, 2014
  Great website. My name is John Thomas. Gen. Thomas is my distant uncle. Only recently started to learn more about him following my grandfather's funeral. Thank you for the website. It's been great and helpful.
      from Dave: Thanks for post.
51) Ernie Mathews Tuesday, September 24, 2013
ernie(dot)mathews(at)gmail(dot)com I am a direct descendant of George H Thomas on my Mothers side. He was my Great Great Great Uncle. Thomas was the name on my mothers side. Thanks for the site
Location: Randolph, NJ     from Dave: Thanks for leaving a post.
50) Allan Gough Monday, September 9, 2013
northpoleart(at)gmail(dot)com This is a general who's contribution to the war has gone greatly under appreciated. He was a soldier who methods and tactics were 50 years ahead of the times. He fought with purpose and in a way to spare the lives of many while still achieving victory.
Location: Oklahoma     from Dave: You are a true student of the Civil War.
49) W. J. Hill Wednesday, September 4, 2013
okguy2937(at)yahoo(dot)com My great, great Grandfather, Callaway Stanley served under General Thomas. Callaway went from an eighteen year old private in 1861 to a Captain when he left the outfit.

George Thomas was the best of all of them because he was the most mature, humble and intellectually inquisitive about the profession of leading men.

Location: Atlanta      from Dave: Thanks for leaving a post.
48) Deborah Grant Monday, July 8, 2013
marzgrant56(at)yahoo(dot)com I own three original pictures of General Thomas and his troops in Tennessee, during the Civil War. These are signed by General Thomas. Would you like me to email you a photo of the photos?
Albuquerque, New Mexico
47) Paul Smeyak Sunday, April 14, 2013
psmeyak(at)gamil(dot)com Great civil war officer who remained loyal to his oath of service to the union.
Location: Florida      from Dave: He loved Virginia, but he loved the concept of the UNITED States more.
46) Mitchell Katz Thursday, April 11, 2013
mitchelldkatz(at)gmail(dot)com Thank you for setting up this webpage. All Americans need to know about General Thomas. It is a travesty of justice that he has been almost forgotten. The three greatest generals in American history were all named George -  Washington, Thomas, and Marshall.
Location: Cincinnati, OH      from Dave: You are a good judge of Generals.  Wait, what about George Custer? Just kidding!!<smile>
45) Steve Morin Sunday March 31, 2013
morin13(at)metrocast(dot)net I came looking for a GHT quote I had read I think in a book of the Battle of Chickamauga. I find another just as good. I read the section on Nashville to the end of which I had no or very little knowledge of. I am severely impressed. Thank you so much.

By the way, My mother was born in Troy NY.

Location: NH       from Dave: Thanks for the message.
44) Gene Nickoli Sunday March 24, 2013
nickolig(at)yahoo(dot)com I am Fascinated by Thomas. He must have been a truly great man.
          from Dave: Thanks for leaving a message.
43) Alex Braunberger Tuesday, February 5, 2013
AlexBraunberger(at)gmail(dot)com I am a big fan of General Thomas! Ever since first reading about him and his service to his country, I have looked to him as a role model (among other eminent historical figures).
Location: Fairfax, VA         from Dave: Thanks for leaving a message. I think he is a great role model for all Americans.
42) Marilyn Saturday, February 2, 2013
  Always happy to read about my favorite General. I am always looking for books about him.
Location: Everett, WA        from Dave: Thanks so much for your message.    
41) David Williams Sunday, January 6, 2013
I'm glad to find this tribute to General Thomas. I think he is the most unappreciated of Civil War generals, and I think that he may have been the best battlefield general of the war. To my knowledge, he never lost a battle. A toast to his memory!
Location: Hilton, NY        from Dave: Thanks for your message.
40) John Armstrong Wednesday, December 12, 2012
Location: Columbus, IN, USA
General Thomas was a humble, unassuming man, a great leader and an unsung hero. "His private character was without a stain. He was the ideal of a soldier and a gentleman. Yet, as he was too modest to seek promotion or conspicuous position, his fame is small indeed in comparison with the value of the services he rendered to the country." (from: ILLUSTRIOUS AMERICANS: their lives and great achievements, Book III, p. 349) Thank you for your website. Gen. Thomas is a great American whom we can learn to emulate. :-)


         from Dave: Thank you, John, for the inspiring message.
39) George M. Thomas Thursday, December 6, 2012
Location: Clearwater, FL, USA
:cool: This was way better than Bing'n my name and finding a mugshot!LOL :-)


38) Malcolm Dickerson Sunday. November 18, 2012
undisclosed email Doing some research for my Military Arts class at the US Military Academy. Thanks for the info.
Location: West Point, NY        from Dave: Thank you Cadet Dickerson for visiting the General Thomas webpage.
37) John Conroy Tuesday, October 30, 2012
dusty27(at)hotmail(dot)com Gen. Thomas seems underrated in history. Thanks for the information on this site.
Location: Ohio, USA  
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Scott H. Amick 
Wednesday, 25. July 2012 01:22 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Gen. Thomas was my great....uncle.

Thanks for visiting the General Thomas page.
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Dan Hughes 
Nashville, TN
Friday, 13. July 2012 04:51 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Keep up the good work. I use your site as a resource for reenacting as George H. Thomas.

Thank you Dan for getting the story of this under-appreciated Civil War hero out to the public.
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David Olsen 
Friday, 13. July 2012 12:41 AM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Great work! History is something that all should want to study. I am very interested in Gen. Thomas.

Thanks for posting a comment on the General Thomas website.
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Chris Coleman 
Nashville, TN and environs
Saturday, 28. April 2012 11:53 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Excellant site; good corrective to the usual cheerleading of Grant and Sherman

Thanks for your comments.
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John D. Depew 
Nazareth. PA
Tuesday, 17. April 2012 05:22 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Do you know if the General smoked either cigars or a pipe? Thank you and keep up the great work.

No, I have never read that he smoked.
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David Mercado 
Southern California
Monday, 9. April 2012 12:44 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Using this guestbook unless it gets too much spam.

View 'latest entries' for comments from Sep 2011 to Mar 2012.
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Dorothy Woosley 
Albany, NY
Monday, 5. September 2011 04:12 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Has anyone ever seen a picture of General Thomas' wife? We've seen lots of pictures of him and I would like to see what she looked like.

No, I have never found a photo or painting of Mrs. Thomas.
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David Witham 
New Hampshire
Monday, 1. August 2011 02:50 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Enjoyed reading about Thomas, only recently pointed out to me his story. :-)

Thanks for leaving a note.
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Richard William Thomas 
United States
Tuesday, 19. July 2011 11:41 PM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Were his ancesters from Wales?

George Thomas' paternal forbears were Welsh and English, and his maternal ancestors were French Huguenot. His father's family, if originally Welsh, had lived in England for several generations before coming to America. Many members of the family died intestate, providing no clues in tracing their ancestral lineage.
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Richard Guida 
Camden, NJ
Thursday, 7. July 2011 11:13 PM Host: Write a comment

There is a Civil War tour at Oakwood Cemetery, Troy, NY. Saturday morning, July 16th. Surely the Thomas grave should head the list of sites. Anyone EVER going that way should consider a stop at Grant's Tomb on Riverside Drive, Upper Manhatten where a bust of Thomas (and four other Major Generals) surround the sarcophagi (ala Napoleon's tomb) along with a mural of he and Grant, Missionary Ridge representing one of four iconic moments. While east, the Thomas statue in D.C.(cast from 88 condemned CSA cannons) centers Thomas Circle, and northeast, the cottage where Grant died (with even the funereal flowers still in place! )is less than an hour from Oakwood.

Thank you for posting your interesting comments.
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Bernard Price 
Gosport Hampshire, UK
Sunday, 3. July 2011 08:44 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I have been visiting this site on and off for the past eleven years. Has anyone ever compared the casualty lists for Missionary Ridge and Cold Harbour to see who was the more careful with the lives of the soldiers under their respective commands.
I would sooner have as a commander someone not given to making rash decisions and took the calculated risk rather than the commander who 'shoots from the hip' regardless of the cost in the hope of achieveing glory.

Your points are well made. Thank you for your insightful comments.
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Michael K. Smith 
North Mankato, MN
Sunday, 19. June 2011 06:37 AM IP: Write a comment

Thanks for this website. I am a descendant of General Thomas on my mother's side and am just recently learning more about this amazing leader. Keep up the good work.

Thanks you for your message.
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Imoukhuede Oise 
Monday, 6. June 2011 08:54 AM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Its a real pleasure to sign your guest book. i live in Lagos, and have always been interested in the american civil war because it so closely parallels our own civil war, most of players in your civil war were brothers in arms in Mexico, and most of the men who served in ours on both sides, were comrades in the Congo war.

That said, I regard Thomas as the outstanding general of the war, CSA or Union. He deserves better treatment from historians :-)

Thank you for your message.
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Colleen Campanelli 
Rochester, NY
Tuesday, 31. May 2011 07:41 PM Host: Write a comment

Collection Rochester Public Library Local History Division picture file
Summary A view of George H. Thomas School No. 49, built in 1913. It was originally part of the Brighton school district, but was annexed by the city January, 1923. In 1926 it was renamed in honor of the Civil War general. In 1937 a new building was built.
Notes Picture caption: George H. Thomas School No. 49. Source: A history of the public schools of Rochester, New York, 1813-1935. Rochester (N.Y.) Board of Education, 1935. Click for image

Thank you so much for this photo.
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Saturday, 28. May 2011 02:31 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks for the website. I hope to make it to his grave someday.

Thanks for the note. I hope to make it to the Oakwood Cemetery one day also. I know a lady who visits the place when she can, and reminds the staff if anything is amiss.
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James LaLone 
Lincoln Park Mi
Friday, 29. April 2011 11:57 PM Host: Write a comment

General George Henry Thomas is my great great cousin on my moms side of the family I cant learn enough about him thanks for the website.

Thanks for visiting the site.
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Barb Luker 
Maineville, OH
Tuesday, 5. April 2011 10:17 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I grew up in a small town in Northern KY named for General Thomas: Fort Thomas. The fort was built (and not named) to protect the city of Cincinnati, OH (just to the north across the Ohio River) from possible attack by the CSA. Unfortunately, the fort was not as successful as General Thomas: Cincinnati was raided by Confederate General John Hunt Morgan and his cavalry during the war. Morgan frightened everyone in the area, but did not do much dammage and retreated back to KY. The fort and the town that grew up around it was named for Thomas after the war. There are two other forts (& towns) in No. Ky buit for the same reason and also named for Union Generals: Ft. Mitchell and Ft. Wright.

Thanks for the information on Fort Thomas.
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Mary Thomas Alltop 
Chicago, IL
Tuesday, 5. April 2011 01:09 AM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Thanks for this great site dedicated to my relative, Gen. Thomas. My interest in him, and in the Civil War, was renewed with the rebroadcast of Ken Burn's "Civil War" on public television this week.

Thanks for your message.
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John D. Bunn 
Newsoms Va.
Saturday, 19. March 2011 11:51 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

I live a mile from his homeplace.
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Bill Snyder 
Cookeville, TN
Monday, 14. March 2011 09:07 AM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

Truly a great man!
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Bill Thomas 
Friday, 11. March 2011 04:32 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

So what are people's thoughts on why Thomas stayed loyal to the Union instead of Virginia?

here is a link to my thoughts on the subject:
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Ted R Thomas Jr 
United States
Tuesday, 22. February 2011 08:47 PM IP: Write a comment Send E-mail

I don't claim any relation to Gen. Thomas but proud to have the same last name as a man that stood up for what he believed in and did not succumb to many of the pitfalls other great men did.

Thomas strongly believed in the concept of a great United States and while he knew in battle, a general must put his men in harm's way, he never threw their lives away as other generals did.
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Larry Kuntzman 
Lake worth, Florida
Saturday, 12. February 2011 03:49 AM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

General George H Thomas was my grandmother Kuntzman's Grandfather. Her father was George H Thomas's son.
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Richard Guida 
Camden, NJ
Wednesday, 12. January 2011 08:09 PM Host: Write a comment Send E-mail

Now that we've established that there aren't many Thomas' around, what if anything remains in Troy, NY besides his grave/monument?

I am a great admirer of Gen. Thomas, as I am of General Grant and have collected some related items of the two. Despite biographers' predilection to imply animosity (between the two)I strongly doubt there being much. They were great men as well as generals.

Richard, Troy was the home of the Kellogg family, including the wife of Gen. Thomas. I don't know what Kellogg's are there now.

While Gen. Thomas did not think much of Gen. Grant's war of attrition methodology, he always treated Grant with respect due the General in Chief. I agree they were both great men.
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Gordon M. Thomas 
Ruston, LA
Monday, 27. December 2010 10:36 AM IP: Write a comment

I would like to thank you for this site. I am a descendant of the John Thomas family he was Gen. George H. Thomas's father.
George had a brother Benjamin R. Thomas that lived in Vicksburg MS. That is my
linage to Gen. Thomas. Please if you know of any remaining Thomas’s your help would be appreciated.
Thank you Gordon Thomas

The Benjamin Thomas family of MS and LA may be the closest link to Gen. Thomas left. Please email what information you have. Is there an Annie Thomas Fitzhugh, Nathaniel Thomas, Rosa Thomas, or a Lillie Thomas in your family history?
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George Cassidy 
New Canaan,CT
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I will take exception to the comment that he was the "greatest general Virginia ever produced," in view of R. E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson, but he did everytghing he ever set out to do, including destroying Hood's Army of the Tennesee in detail. His family cut him off for serving the Union.

Lighten up George. You are talking about a comment someone posted on 6/3/2010. I myself have never made that statement on this web site. Of course I may personally agree with him.
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Patricia Thomas Kretzmer 
Pittsburgh, PA
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We cherish the memory of another member of the Thomas clan who faithfully served our country.
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scott freeman 
Saturday, 13. November 2010 12:45 PM IP: Write a comment

Terrific site that has helped me with my Thomas literature search. My fellow Idhao Civil War Volunteers will enjoy the video when I share this in our newsletter.

Thanks so much for your comments.
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h percy 
north carolina
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I read the biography and loved it. I wish credit was given where it was due. I don't look at Grant the same and already viewed Sherman as lacking in goodness and sanity.
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Thanks, Pap.
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Dan Lunsford 
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Great site for a great soldier

Keep the Faith

Thanks for posting.
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Ripley, WV
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George Thomas doesn't need to tear any other Generals down to build his own reputation up. His historical record speaks for itself. When his wife Francis Kellog Thomas, destroyed his personal records in San Francisco in 1870 shortly after his sudden death, this should tell of of us what General Thomas wanted. He wished to let history in it's own good time, pass judgement on his service. He absolutely did not agree with the claim of others that he had ever been slow. Not at Nashville, NOT ANYWHERE. Thomas took the upmost care to plan everything he could. He valued the lives of his men. They didn't call him "Pap" for nothing.

Well stated. General Thomas was a patient man. But even he would find it hard to believe that the complete truth of the Civil War would not come out after 145 years...
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Garnet Valley, PA
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Do you homework! This statement is way off base. Thomas' record is distorted enough Misinformation like this on a "reputable" site is unconscionable and casts doubt on everything else posted: "His sense of loyalty to his commanding officer and the army twice made him turn down promotions when he thought it was not justified under army protocol. It also made him protest an appointment of a superior in command to someone who was less senior to him. But when the officer was made 'senior' by an act of the president, Thomas readily accepted the officer (Rosecrans) as his commander."

How would you rewrite this statement to correct it to your satisfaction?
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Wilbur Burt 
greensboro, north carolina
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general thomas picture and story line; he was not forgotten!!

Thanks for posting.
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