Thomas Statue

Thomas Circle, 14th & Vermont Ave., N.W., Washington, DC

The sculpture is the work of John Quincy Adams Ward and is 

considered one of the finest equestrian statues in the country.

It was unveiled by the general's comrades in 1879.

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For recent information on Thomas Circle go to Thomas Circle (courtesy of Grace Rovegno Fleet)

J. Wilson MacDonald, a sculptor in New York City, was one of several artists invited to propose a design.  He showed a sketch of his design to the statue committee at a meeting of the Society of the Army of the Cumberland, and later replied with a formal proposal dated December 1, 1872.  This well-written letter shows some of the artistic ideas as well as the planning and estimating (as well as salesmanship) that goes into a major piece of art.  See J. Wilson MacDonald's letter.