John L. Clem ( b. August 1851) was one of the youngest soldiers in General Thomas’ Army of the Cumberland.

What was his nickname?

Answer: “Johnny Shiloh” or “The Drummer Boy of Chickamauga”

Johnny was a tag-along drummer boy and after proving his worth, he was enrolled as a volunteer soldier in the 22nd Michigan. He served as a courier and was wounded twice. He served ably at the Battle of Chickamauga where the 22nd Michigan fought well in the rear guard action. He was captured with his regiment but was able to escape. He later claimed he killed a Confederate officer during that action which was probably not true.

In 1871 President Grant approved his application for a commission. By 1903 he was a colonel and assistant quartermaster general. He retired as a major general in 1916 and died in 1937.

-Source: Historical Times Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Civil War, Harper & Row, 1986