Grant Under Fire

Grant Under Fire

An Exposé of Generalship & Character in the American Civil War

by Joseph A. Rose

This is a book about U.S. Grant and it is important in the study of the American Civil War because it details the shortcomings of General Grant not only in his handling of the war, but especially in his conduct as an officer and a gentleman. For the first time the details of his decisions and deceptions are shown in full footnoted clarity. The ‘tactics’ he employed in his climb to the top command of the Army was not what was taught at West Point and violated its Code of Conduct.

He ruined the careers of several good officers by scapegoating his mistakes on them, and in the case of General George H. Thomas, biased Civil War history so much against him that this great man who should have been known to history as an exceptional hero of the American people was lost to all except dedicated Civil War scholars.

This book will help the whole truth of the American Civil War come to light.

-David Mercado, Webmaster, George H. Thomas Homepage

Quote from Frank Varney, author of General Grant and the rewriting of History:

“Recent scholarship has indicated that much of what we thought we knew about the Civil War is not, in fact, the truth. This carefully-researched and engagingly-written book contributes a great deal to our knowledge of what really happened on some of the most famous battlefields of that conflict. It is a must for any serious student of the Civil War.”

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Rose, Joseph A. Grant Under Fire. New York: Alderhanna Publishing, 2015