Kentucky Statue

The Battle of Mill Springs

from a song by Homer Sampson*

I am a rebel soldier I live from day to day
I take my Captain’s orders and march the rugged way
And when the day is over, on blankets we lie down
To wait the coming dawn and hear our Captain say

Stand ready boys ’tis Jeff’s command, the enemy is near
On you our success must depend, and you should have no fear
For when this war is over and our heritage secure,
We’ll send Old Abe across the sea and he’ll return no more.

I saw the smoke arising, it seemed to touch the sky
I heard the tramp of cavalry and I heard their battle cry
I saw the yankees coming and I heard their angry yell
And my feelings at that moment, no human’s tongue could tell

Go tell my little sister it nair no more can be
That I shall sit around the fire and take her on my knee,
And sing to her them good ol’ songs that she loved to hear me sing,
For her brother lies here dying, at the Battle of Mill Springs.

*Folksongs and Ballads
(from field recordings)
Volume 3 AHR009
Augusta Heritage Recordings
Davis and Elkins College
Elkins, West Virginia 26241