The Rock of Chickamauga

The Rock of Chickamauga 

Let rebels boast their Stonewall brave

Who fell to fill a traitor’s grave,

We have a hero grander far,

The Union was his guiding star,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

When foot by foot, stern Rosecrans

Round grim Lookout, with bold advance,

Pressed back the rebels from their lair,

Our Thomas was the foremost there,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

And when, in mightier force, they came

With serried ranks and sheets of flame,

Sweeping apart our shattered bands,

Who snatched the palm from rebel hands?

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

All day they surged and stormed in vain,

Lost Chattanooga to regain,

In vain each furious battle shock;

They were but waves, and he the rock,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

His clarion voice with cheering word,

Above the din of battle heard,

His bearing firm, his kindling eye

Fired every breast with ardor high,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

A new Thermopylae we found

On Chickamauga’s bloody ground;

And in that rugged mountain pass

He stood our true Leonidas,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

Sons of Macomb and broad St. Clair,

And Oakland’s rolling fields were there.

And now they tell, with patriot pride,

How that great day they fought beside,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

Gone is our hero, strong, and brave,

Columbia weeps above his grave,

While high upon the roll of fame,

She writes that loved and honored name,

The “Rock of Chickamauga.”

–William B. Hamilton–

(Lt., 22nd Michigan Infantry, Co. F)